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The metro can take you almost anywhere you want to go, so it shouldnt be a problem to see all the various tourist attractions throughout the city. Streetwise barcelona metro map laminated metro map of barcelona spain folding pocket size subway map for travel streetwise maps inc on. Barcelona metro map tube mapsubway map barcelona budget. The barcelona card entitles you to unlimited transport on the metro underground, buses and trams in barcelona city centre. There are plans to expand the network continuously. Getting to the barcelona airport bcn with the metro is very easy and convenient, but keep in mind that to get to the barcelona airport with the metro you need to purchase a special ticket. The barcelona football club is recognized as one of the best in the world, and a visit to barcelona without taking part in a match is a crime. Last updated on metro map barcelona was held in february 2016. Camp nou how to get there fc barcelona official channel. So easy download the pdf documents, print and fold.

You also receive discounts on entry tickets to many of barcelona s main attractions. Jun 28, 2018 currently 2019, the network of the barcelona metro consists twelve lines, operated by 2 companies. Metro barcelona 2020 all you need to know before you go. The ticket you purchase to get around the city is not the same as the one to get to the barcelona airport. Hola barcelona travel card, the most complete travel solution. The map shows both tmb, fgc and tram lines in zone 1 which cover the city centre. Metro subway you can get around fast and independent of traffic jams by metro subway. A metro system that runs mostly underground, the barcelona metro system is an extensive network of rapid transit electrified railway lines, consisting of a total of 11 lines. It is made up of 8 lines l1, l2, l3, l4, l5, l9, l10, l11, to which ferrocarrils railway lines l6, l7, and l8 have just been added. Download the tourist metro map to find out where the citys top sights and attractions are pdf, 1. Download the madrid metro map and hop onto one of the most modern underground transport networks in the world pdf, 0. Nov 27, 2017 barcelona metro, barcelona, catalunya. Bicycles are an excellent way to travel around the city, but if you are not into pedaling barcelona has an extensive metro network that will allow you to go everywhere.

Here you will find the subway map of barcelona for download. Tmb lines are l1, l2, l3, l4, l5, l9 and fgc metro lines are l6, l7, l8 along with the tram lines t1 to t4. If you are coming to barcelona by car, you should know that parking spots in the streets are for residents only besides some areas far away from the city center. To facilitate your journey, you can click on the link below to download the official map of the barcelona metro, it is a pdf, so you can print it and bring it with you.

Jan 17, 2017 taking the metro to the barcelona airport. Although you can get it for free at every metro station or if you buy the barcelona card. A rendszer teljes hosszusaga 144,3 km, 11 vonalan 164 allomas talalhato 2010. Its also easily integrated with other modes of public transportation in barcelona, with docking stations conveniently located near metro stations and bus stops. Currently 2016 2017, the metro transports half a billion passengers per year on 12 lines with almost 160 stops.

Check the barcelona metro map to find famous attractions. General map of the network click on the map to see full size. Take a look at our detailed itineraries, guides and maps to help you plan your trip to barcelona. Tips for getting around barcelona barcelona is a generally safe city, but petty crime such as pickpocketing is common on public transportation. This update southern line 9 that reaches airport terminals segment opened. By far, is the fastest and easiest way to move around barcelona. On this page youll find a barcelona metro map that will help you plan you route with the tmb and fgc metro transport system. Barcelona metro map of barcelona, metro, tram, train and. The map of the year 2017 they have added new lifts and improved graphic design.

Barcelona tourist guide metro map designer cameron booth has put together. Mar 23, 2020 air conditioned and clean, barcelonas metro is very pleasant and it allows you to cross the city quickly and save time. So now the barcelona metro has 181 stations, 145 km 90. Barcelona metro map for iphone, ipad, or tablets, let be guided in every trips by metro. Metro barcelona official tmb map and route planner mapway. Choose the end point where the metro is travelling to determine the direction of travel. Trains run every few mins on all lines fantastic way to get around quickly. Metro map of barcelona updated 2020 mapa metro barcelona. The barcelona metro system is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Far better, cleaner cheaper places on the many side streets off. In addition to the barcelona metro, the city also has an extensive network of bus lines not shown on this map and a train to the airport. Here is a short overview of the barcelona public transport system.

This map shows metro lines and stations in barcelona. Every day, millions of people ride on the barcelona metro. Please if you can advise for the best tourist places to see and where is good restaurants, spanish local food with good prices. Spanyolorszag masodik legnagyobb varosanak, barcelonanak a metrorendszere. Running through central barcelona and the citys suburbs, the metro system is 144. The organisation that unites explayers from all fc barcelona football teams. Streetwise barcelona metro map laminated metro map of. What is the best place in bacelon barcelona trip 4 sep 2016 10. If you plan on staying for some days make sure you buy the t10 card, which will make your metro journeys cheaper. Avoid the queues to purchase transport tickets and the stress of trying to speak in spanish. Barcelona metro a how to guide for tourists visiting barcelona. The guide is completed, the dictionary or the cookbook.

Barcelona metro maps updated in 2020, including all the new lines an stations. L1 line 1, red, l2 line 2, purple, l3 line 3, green, l4 line 4, yellow, l5 line 5, blue. Detailed information, plans and tips are available on an extra site. Finally, indulge yourself to a shopping spree when you visit barcelona. The metro is the most popular transportation system in barcelona, with 12 lines, a length of 150 km 93 mi and 186 stations, stands as the second longest underground system in spain.

Come to the pyrenees snow experience on the catalunya bus turistic. People love the citys transportation as it is clean, comfortable and efficient. Works offline when you dont have an internet connection. Best places to visit in barcelona debbie 12 apr 2016 08. Bcn metro map accessible january 2020 stations adapted to. Click, display, zoom and scroll across our barcelona metro map to find where, when, and how to change line for a fullcity visit of barcelona. Barcelona metro map, year 2017, printable version low ink.

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