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Restrepo 2010 photographer tim hetherington and journalist sebastian junger allow the realities of war to speak for themselves in this unnarrated documentary about a u. But in combination with restrepo, which hetherington codirected, and the book war, i. Sebastian junger and tim hetherington are the filmmakers. Larry rougle, one of battle companys best, toughest and coolest. The men of battle company are in the midst of a fifteen. Jangs final successful escape into the south korean embassy in beijing, as well as the tears i shed for his friend who wasnt able to. Download our app to find events, locations and programs near you. Gabel delivered a moving eulogy for his comrade, larry rougle. It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage indepth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres or publishing in a safe. While there with the troops for nearly 16 months, he and cinema photographer tim hetherington also were filming. Internationally acclaimed for the virtuosity and power of her fiction, laura restrepo has created in delirium a passionate, lyrical, devastating tale of eros and insanity. After watching restrepo on netflix, carrier was a documentary they recommended. If you want to start a main restrepo page, just click the edit button above. Special forces team that killed osama bin laden brought some badly needed, uplifting news.

A soldierseye view from afghanistan restrepo chronicles the deployment of 15 soldiers into afghanistans korengal valley, considered one. It gave americans welcome, if temporary, relief from steady news of american lives lost in the middle east. Death and surrender in the korengal valley by rutabaga ridgepole humanity is the spirit of the supreme being on earth, and that humanity is standing amidst ruins, hiding its nakedness behind tattered rags, shedding tears upon hollow cheeks, and calling for its children with pitiful voice. This book is mostly a photo collection of several series hetherington made while. Merrett translated the italians book in 1662, adding his own observations which were almost as long as the original text. During his administration he worked towards making political reconciliation among the conservative and liberals. Salvatore augustine giunta is a former united states army soldier and the first living person. It was a textbook demonstration of exactly how not to fight an insurgency. Privates disobeyed their sergeants, and squad leaders refused to step. In this book, marino restrepo travels as deeply as he can into the heart of todays real catholic church. Junger is an adventurous reporter, and hetherington, an experienced warzone photographer.

Tim hetherington, award winning photographer and documentary filmmaker is the coproducer and codirector of restrepo with sebastian junger, which won the grand jury prize at the 2010 sundance film festival. Restrepo and the imagery of war the new york times. Ive read many books about the wars since and including the second world war and i can honestly say this book is right up there with the best. The result jungers book war and the new documentary restrepo is an unflinching, and unflinchingly human, look at combat. Gives a pretty realistic inside look at an aircraft carrier, the uss nimitz, during a 6 month deployment to the persian gulf during the current gulf war. Larry rougle, who is a recipient of the purple heart, is buried in arlington national cemetery. Restrepo is a featurelength documentary that chronicles the deployment of a platoon of u. I personally think this documentary is neither a propaganda piece that is trying to serve the americans or the people who oppose the war.

Restrepo is a film not just about the events of combat, but also about brotherhood, according to junger. Army platoon second platoon, b company, 2nd battalion, 503rd infantry regiment airborne, 173rd airborne brigade combat team in the korengal valley, afghanistan. Jagoff expected me to know how to fix his instagram, and got offended when i told him i knew as much as him. Subreddit rules message the mods related subs ama info the faq the wiki this is a moderated subreddit. Rougle killed in action, 1 child, 25 at time of death, west jordan. Jungers latest book is war, about his experience as an embedded journalist with the 173rd airborne in afghanistan, in a place called the korengal valley. Restrepo is a featurelength documentary that chronicles the. It was considered one of the most dangerous postings in the u. Aguilar, an unemployed literature professor who has resorted to selling dog food for a living, returns home from a short trip to discover that his wife, agustina, has gone mad. Restrepo is a vivid documentary following a platoon of american soldiers in the korengal valley of afghanistan. The appearance of dod visual information does not imply or constitute dod endorsement. Misha pemblebelkin, made famous by the documentary restrepo and the book war, has returned to kunar province in eastern afghanistan as a platoon sergeant with b company of the 3rd. Salvatore giunta at a book signing at a post exchange in vicenza, italy in.

The filmmakers spend an entire year embedded with the men in the region. The filmmakers restrepo a film by sebastian junger. Taliban fighters crept to within 10 feet of sergeant rougle, sergeant rice. On 23 october, taliban fighters killed staff sergeant larry rougle and. Carlos eugenio restrepo restrepo september 12, 1867 july 6, 1937 was a colombian lawyer, writer, and statesman, who was elected president of colombia in 1910. He explores the spiritual state of the church in her. Monica restrepo has 162 books on goodreads, and is currently reading harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban by j. Sebastian junger on war and restrepo in afghanistan. The worlds most famous book on glassmaking was then quickly translated into latin, german, french and spanish and was used as a reference source for glass makers for the next 100 years. Restrepo died july 22, 2007 serving during operation enduring freedom. Restrepo is a film not just about the events of combat, but also about brotherhood, according to. Giunta the sal giunta story giunta interviewed by the directors of restrepo. For decades, author sebastian junger has been covering wars all over the world, but he never imagined that his book, war, and movie. Restrepo is a 2010 american documentary film about the afghanistan war, directed by.

Were the soldiers from the movie restrepo regular infantry or army rangers. How accurate is the movie restrepo about operations in. Winner of the grand jury prize for documentary at sundance film festival 2010, restrepo chronicles the development of a platoon of u. The uso is a notforprofit organization and not part of the department of defense dod. The clone wars are over, but for those with reason to run from the new galactic empire, the battle to survive has only just begun. Dan restrepo archives center for american progress. Consent by donna freitas check out the weekly recommendation thread. Brecher for 20 years and nine months, juan sebastian restrepo was marcela pardos son. Unintended star of restrepo returns to afghanistan stripes. Vimoto, the son of the brigades command sergeant major, was killed by the. Jungers suggestion that the soldiers in afghanistan did not. Manalo, now a book buyer at idlewild books in manhattan, said that he had not seen restrepo, but that mr. You can really feel that weight of the sacrifice our people are making to defend america watching.

Michael gabel, 30, was killed last week in a roadside blast in. For nearly six years and through two presidential campaigns, restrepo served as the principal advisor to president barack obama on issues. Juan sebastian restrepo of pembroke pines died on july 22, 2007, on a craggy hillside 7,000 miles from home in eastern afghanistans korengal valley. Restrepo chronicles the deployment of a platoon of us soldiers at one of the most dangerous outposts in afghanistan. What struck me about the book was the way in which one almost get to know the different characters because the author has described them and their ways so well. The book really does read like a thrilleri couldnt put it down. Then, in the latter part of the book, they go to war and it ends as war does in ways that are really upsetting and unpredictable. Rougle, 25, of west jordan, utah, died october 23, 2007, in sawtalo sar mountain, kunar province, afghanistan. Tribute ssg larry rougle ssg larry rougle 06 may 1982 23 october 2007.

Restrepo restrepo is a film documentary made by sebastian junger and tim hetherington of the fifteen months they spent embedded with a u. Marinos books are available on ebook format, for download to read in any device and on paperback through print on demand. The documentary film restrepo, which follows a platoon of american soldiers on the front lines of the war in afghanistan in 2007, opens today at the angelika film center. I have chosen to critically analyse the discourse of the text, by which. How to kill, and one in pashto, the concise book on the virtues of jihad. Larry ismael rougle, staff sergeant, united states army. If you read the book called war by sebastian junger which is the book version of restrepo you will understand that war is hell but it. In one moment in afghanistan, heroism and heartbreak the new. It was learned that rougle, at point, took the brunt of the attack, allowing his soldiers to secure a position and fight.

The hardfought swath of ground in this instance was combat outpost restrepo, an offshoot of a bigger outpost, and more importantly, an offshoot won following a brutal fight in the wake of juan. The documentary focuses on battle company, 2nd platoon as it conducts its mission in a wartorn afghanistan valley. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Dan restrepo is a senior fellow at american progress. It follows the soldiers of second platoon, battle company, as they fight to build and maintain a remote 15man outpost called restrepo, named after a beloved platoon medic killed in action shortly after they arrived. Now, i traveled all over east afghanistan and i have to say korengal out post restrepo is by far the worst ive seen in 20092010. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the main namespace are tropes and should be created through the ykttw system. You see them playing golf and fighting, and it seems very lighthearted. His latest publishing project is infidel, an intimate portrait of a single u.

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